Which Mono LV do you wear for the evening?

  1. Answer, ladies! :amuse:
  2. the pochette
  3. For the casual evening: Panda Pochette!:love:
  4. I never liked mono for evening. If I ever carry an LV during the evening, it would be one of my vernis Lexingtons.

    I agree though with the Panda Pouchette suggestion. I used to have one of those, and it would be really cute as an evening bag.
  5. damier recoletta
  6. Partition
  7. pochette accessories
  8. Croissant :biggrin:
  9. Recital :love:
  10. mono pouchette
  11. Ceresis Pochette

  12. let try again...lol
    speedy 25
  13. I'll choose a pochette for clubbing (neon RW if there is blacklight)
    Or I'll choose a Sac rabat for a dinner. I am loving my fushia mini pleaty though and have been taking that everywhere. :love:
  14. Cerise or Panda Pochette. I want a recital b/c that would work well for evening.
  15. pochette i guess for drinks/dancing etc. for dinner...i take my speedy, but it's not really dressy enough.

    mono really isn't my first choice for evening. i prefer epi or vernis if i was going to go with LV...but chanel over LV any day.
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