Which Mono Canvas Would You Get?

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  1. Hi,

    I am planning of gettting something from the mono canvas line. Here's the plan, budget of $800. What would you get if you were me???

    This is in my current small collection:

    Mono Canvas Pochette
    Mono Canvas Speedy 30 (very old, may last for another year)
    Mat Allston

    I am thinking maybe Lockit since my Speedy is going to fall apart soon. Also like papillon 26. I need somthing that I can use for work, somthing that's medium size.

    Please help, if you have pics, please post them so that I can get ideas.

  2. I think if you want something medium sized for work in mono the papillon 26 will be too small to put papers or anything like that without folding them.

    A lockit or perhaps a batignolles horizontal or a PH?