Which mono canvas bag do you think looks best with dark patina?

  1. My next purchase is going to be an epi bec. I'm sick of not being able to wear my new mono bags in the inclement weather(I have a bv and mono speedy 30, both imho look horrible with dark patina). I only have a novacheck burberry(doesn't excite me anymore) and my damier speedy 30 for bad weather.

    I am entertaining getting a used mono canvas bag that I won't be 'afraid' of wearing in the rain/snow.

    I am thinking a mono peitit noe will look good with dark patina. What other bags do you think will look good w/ the dark patina?
  2. speedies
  3. i think speedies do, but a noe also
  4. I have to say speedies as well
  5. Hmmmm, with all you thinking that mono speedies look good w/ patina, maybe I should just start wearing my mono speedy 30 more often. I know I could always get the vachetta replaced one day, maybe in 10yrs,lol. It might be worth it, I love that bag so much and I did spray it with Wilsons after all(just in case I would ever get caught in an unexpected shower, and I even have a plastic bag large enough for it in the bag, lol, for that very reason).
  6. I agree with the other ladies. I bought and sold a Mono Speedy 30 because I thought it was too hight maitenance and then I was in Milan and saw a dozen different women with these amazingly beautiful dark patina Speedies. I rebought the Mono Speedy 30 that weekend and have been using it ever since. I can't wait for it to darken. Good luck!
  7. I understand wanting your bags to stay pristine for as long as possible, but for me, part of the joy is to see the patina happening and knowing that it's all mine!
    I think your speedy will be fab with patina!
  8. Black Mc speedy
  9. i think noes look nice with patina.
  10. I have a mono petite noe with a medium to dark honey patina and it looks really nice!
  11. I'd love to see it please, if you have a pic or could take one!
  12. wow, so you bought and sold it, then rebought it! Did yours develop patina yet? Do you wear it in bad weather?

    The thing I dislike about seeing the mono speedy bags that I have seen w/ dark patina is that the vachetta also looks dry, like these suckers have been really weather beaten. I guess conditioning it could prevent that. How about your mono petit bucket? I like that one w/ patina actually. Do you have pics of your bags? I would love to see the patina on your bucket and your mono speedy!
  13. I'm braindead, I quoted kitsun when I meant to quote kali925! lmao

    I think I was looking at your bags kitsun and thinking I want to see what your petit bucket looked like, lol.
  14. definitely...Speedies..
  15. Honestly I am not sure all the fuss about vachetta in bad weather. Maybe when it's brand new I get it - - but it's raining today and I had no choice but to run to my car with my mono speedy - the handles got rained on - I came home all ready to use my baby wipes and when I got in I checked the bag and there's nothing there! It's a much more durable bag then I realized. Ok....did that have anything to do with your question? I don't think so - sorry! :shame: