Which Mono bag would you choose?

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  1. I really didn't want another Mono bag but I really like the Tivoli GM and Artsy. So which one do you like better. I like the newness of the Artsy but the Tivoli is also cute and more intricate. TIA
  2. I like the Tivoli! The Artsy is great too, but since it is newer you have more time to buy it later.

    But either way you go, you can't go wrong!
  3. I like them both, but in this case I'd choose the Artsy. I don't like that the Tivoli GM has adjustable straps. In time, the ends of the straps tend to curl up, from what I've seen.
  4. good to know about the straps on the tivoli!
  5. I prefer the look of the Tivoli GM to the Artsy.
  6. Both are great bags but I think I would go for the artsy. If anything, it'll fit more :P
  7. tivoli gm! i don't use it as a shoulder bag so i don't have the curling straps issue. and surprisingly you don't really see it everywhere. good alternative to mono speedy. i think the leather artsy will be amazing though :drool:
  8. Tivoli GM
  9. Tivoli. Not a fan of the Artsy, sorry
  10. Tivoli
  11. Between the two, Tivoli GM. Not at all impressed with Artsy...it looks awkward to me (no offence to those who love this style).
  12. Artsy GM
  13. Tivoli
  14. i have both and love both! sorry im no help...get both.
  15. my preference is with the Artsy