Which Molly?

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Which Molly

  1. Textured leather graphite/berry 21140 $398.00

  2. Leather 21132 $348.00

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  1. Been scouting the website and I can't help but to keep going back to molly. I love the look and size of this lil cutie, but confused on which to go with if I take the plunge.
    I haven't been to crazy about some of the legacy, but this one is making me rethink this line.
    The 2 I'm going back and forth between are-the textured leather molly (graphite/berry) or the black leather molly. Which would you opt for? Thank you
  2. The textured graphite/berry for sure!!! It has a lot of personality!! Black is just too plain!
  3. Love the black leather molly
  4. I like the textured berry but would hesitate because its not (to me) as classic as the black. I love the classic feel of the legacy bags and I think the berry would look dated after a while. But that's just me. I try to always buy a bag I know I can wear for years down the road. :smile:
  5. Definitely the graphite/berry textured Molly for me. But, I love textured, pebbled leather.
  6. Yes, this bag does have personality :smile:
    This is why its a hard choice. The Molly is such a nice shape and style, so the colors compliment them more so:smile:
    I do like the color combo, and it being outdated in a few years doesn't have an impact on me. I will carry my bags whether they are in or out. I think the "style" makes this bag a classic in itself. Thank you for your honesty :smile:
    This leather would be a first for me as well. It looks diehard! Thank you :smile:
  7. I'd go for the black on Molly - if you want the textured leather, I'd go for it on a bigger bag (like Rory)... I have the Cement Textured Rory - and the textured leather just seems to look better on a bigger bag - maybe because it slouches so much. I have the tourmaline Molly - and the smooth leather just 'goes' with the style. Hope this all makes sense! FYI, I got Molly on Friday - and have carried it everyday since. Love it! It's bigger than I thought.
  8. Thank you! Oh I bet your tourmaline molly is gorgeous :smile: How is the "leather", slouchy or is it more structured? I have the large cosmetic case in UV, and love it!!
  9. Something about the leather and color. Makes me love it, hmm. What to do?
  10. I could be wrong but I thought I read a post that said the graphite textured molly was heavy.
  11. My motto is there will always be black bags from which to choose. When Coach does a color you like, snatch it up!!

  12. I love the colour combo.:cool:
  13. Not sure, but I wonder if this is due to the "thicker" leather. I think I may like the textured better than the reg leather due to scratches being more prominent on the soft smooth leather?
    Good motto to have because then you don't miss out on colorful beauties :smile: Its true though, it is always easier to find the basic black, or browns.
    Me too :smile:

    I wonder which would smell nicer, textured or smooth leather?
  14. I say go for the textured graphite and berry! I love the Molly. Started with the black but returned it because it was too boring. I also didn't like the black interior. It was like a cave in there and I couldn't find anything. Plus, the leather seemed stiff. Got the black cherry which I LOVE. Then saw the textured graphite and berry and fell in love so had to snatch that one up too. Yes, I have a problem buying multiple bags. Don't ask how many Ashley's I have! ;) The textured feels very luxurious and doesn't seem any heavier than the black cherry to me.
  15. I'm loving this tourmaline more and more...the color is gorgeous! I bought a duffle in it as well...and want more! I didn't know the large cosmetic came in it - I just saw the medium does, so I'm going to exchange my carnelian for it.
    The leather has softened in a week........not as much as the textured (on my Rory) - but it's a nice slouch across the top - yet the double leather on the bottom helps keep the shape. This will be a bag I'll buy multiples of - it's a good everyday size for me.
    I love the look of the graphite/magenta too....but again, on a bigger bag.