Which Moisturiser For My Daughter?

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  1. My daughter who's 21 has dry skin on her face which does break out. She uses E45 but this isn't helping and I think may be causing the breakouts.Also, it's not good under the mineral foundation I have just suggested she try.
    Can anyone suggest a good moisturiser for her that is not too expensive and easy to get.She is a student and can't afford really expensive products.
  2. Hi again! I'm 24 and currently use Clinique's Superdefense Triple Action moisturiser SPF 25 along with the Clarifying Toner #2. It's worked just fine for me, althought my skin is more on the oily side. It does come for dry skin as well though. Maybe you daughter would like to give it a try! It's not as expensive as other brand names and a little really does go a long way.
    I hope this helps!!
  3. Thanks I'll tell her to give it a try.:smile:
  4. i hate E45. i have excema and when ever i mention it people automatically say "do you use E45?" NO! its perfumed so its not good for really bad skin. i mentioned in another thread that aquious cream(also called diprobase) its very good. it gives the skin an extra layer of oils and protects it from drying out further.
  5. Hi, I'm eighteen and also a college student. face, while I shower, i like to use a neutrogena oil-free face wash (it's an orange color gel) and it works amazingly! but it does make my skin a little dry, so before I go to bed i will use a vaseline dry skin lotion; it smells good, but i believe it is pretty all-natural so it shouldn't cause breakouts.
  6. I like mura, dermalogica and DDF.... they're skin care lines and shouldn't be too expensive.

    for drugstore brands i like aveeno or oil of olay =)
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll pass them on to my daughter.:smile:
  8. this may be old news for most. But after trying SOOO many products i finally gave proactive a try. Im 24 and have i would say mild acne but persistant throuhgout the years. very annoying. The proactive after a week i noticed my pimples werent coming back, but my skin became really dry and always peeling. I kept using the product thinking... id rather be dry than breakout..... then after a month of use now. the dryness/flaky phase ended and i finally in years have clear skin thats soooo soft to the touch! I dont even shop for foundation anymore! =)) so i would def recommend the proactive 3 step system... oh and i also use olay moisturizer on top of that.
  9. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer (also available with SPF15) does what it says. It moisturizes the skin well.
  10. Jojoba oil is absolutely amazing. It's actually used as an acne treatment.
  11. Try cetaphil. Very easy to find and inexpensive. We even used it on our infant when he would get dry cheeks.
  12. Clinique's dramatically different works so well i have very dry skin and i love it, My skin drinks it up every morning.
  13. try either Cetaphil or Specto Jel to wash the face (unscented for both) followed by Clinique Clarifying #1 (it's less drying, but still helps get rid of pore-clogging guck). I use Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in winter and Biotherm Aqua Source in summer. I also have very sensative skin as well, and these products work.
  14. Clinique! I use clean & clear face wash when my skin is very dry,and when its normal I use the clique bar. Its worth it,it might be abit pricey,but it lasts long!
  15. definitely neutrogena or cetaphil, they are dermatologist recommended...