which model of HERMES is this?

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  1. Which model of HERMES is this?

    And how much?

    THANKS ^^


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  2. I think it's the barcelona gm but I'm not sure almost positive hope it helps darling
  3. I think I may be wrong as I can't find the precise name but somewhere I heard something about this bag
  4. It looks to me like a large or perhaps travel model of the Valparaiso bag, and I am sorry I do not know the cost, although I would guess between $2500 and $3000 (just a guess!)
  5. Thats right valparaiso it was something related to the Spanish language so sorry !!!!!!
  6. this is indeed the Valparaiso. I bought one 3~4years ago in European Duty Free for less than Euro 1000. However, my understanding is that it has risen significantly since then (as with all things H).

    Most duty free shops carry the PM and MM size. So you may need to ask around for the GM size (which is around 45cm, if my memory serves me right)
  7. Thank you very much everyone.
    I am planning to go down to the store to check it out.
    I just wanted to clarify, the size of the bag in the picture is a GM, right?