Which model got the boot?

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  1. Does anyone know who was voted off America's Next Top Model last night? I missed it!!!!!
  2. Jayla ..........got the boot
  3. any drama? Like another case of stolen granola bars??? LOL:P
  4. No, hardly any major drama at all. On a related note, does anybody know whose bag Nik was carrying (the largish white leather one)? It looks so familiar, but I just can't think of who it is. I'll see if I can find a picture from the show and post it up here.

    Here's the picture. It's kind of tiny, but I think you can see enough detail on the bag to probably identify it. Anybody know who the designer is?

  5. It was a luelle
  6. Ah, thank you!
  7. [​IMG]

    this but in white
  8. Yep! I was watching the show and I immediately spotted the Luella! Cute bag huh?

    And personally, I'm happy Jayla left! Her picture was awful last night
  9. I totally agree!!
  10. I'm glad Jayla left too. I'm waiting for Brie to go, I just don't like her attitude even though she already apologized a thousand times. I have a feeling that Nic is gonna win....she's so pretty. I also noticed her bag immediately last night.
  11. Didn't Nic get a Spy bag at Harrod's, on her shopping spree?
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