Which Moca would you choose?

  1. I am deciding between the Moca Neverfull MM or PM.
    Has anyone bought the Moca Neverfull PM? I see so many of your beautiful MM's. I really love the PM size, but am wondering why I don't see as many PM's yet? I have a BH - so I am hesitant to get the MM. Plus, the PM is so cute. I need some help choosing - please:smile::confused1:
    Thank U!
  2. I found the PM to be waaaay too small and it doesn't really stand out. But with the MOCA version, it might be the one to get, since you have the BH for whenever you want to carry the similar amount of luggage as the MM!
  3. i woud get the pm
    but im not a big bag type of person so... that explains why haha
  4. I am not a fan of the Neverfulls- but since this is for you, I would choose the MM.
  5. I think the reason more people are buying the GM and MM is they are so close in price that people rather have a bigger bag for only a few dollars more. I think the price difference is only like $20.
  6. I'd also go with the MM. The PM is actually pretty nice and fits on my shoulder. I got one for a friend who wasn't able to make it and it's still super cute though! I just need more room for books so I chose the MM. Here's the pic for comparison...the ones on the right and left are my mom's and my MM's and the middle one is the PM.
  7. I have a BH as well, but I really think the Neverfull MM is very different from BH. I would recommend the MM size because you always have the option of closing the leather ties to make the purse smaller looking or using it as a tote.

    I think the PM is cute but just too small. I have the Murakami Neverfull MM and I love the hot pink lining!!! I also have the mono version as well but fortunately, my co-worker is going to buy it from me!! (Thank goodness!!!)
  8. only because you already got the BH, than a PM would be best!
  9. i prefer the MM
  10. The SA at MOCA will allow you to try out the bags at the counter before you make your purchase. Take your time and see which one that would compliments you the most:tup:Otherwise, it's a lot of hassle to return and such long line;) Good luck in deciding:tender:
  11. I'd pick the MM since like another person said above you can always make it smaller with the ties. This way you know it won't be too small for you since you like your BH!
  12. I'd get the MM!!
  13. I bought the MM because the straps are longer and while the PM was also cute, it was too small for me.
  14. I have the MM and recommend it. I'm not a big bag type of girl, but I tried on the PM and it felt really small. (This coming from a girl who prefers the speedy 25).
  15. i agree with most of the people --i'd get the MM. the PM looked really small IRL, and yeah, as beljwl said, it's only a few dollars more for a lot more room to carry stuff. the MM is $915 plus tax. I think the PM is not much cheaper than that. And yeah, you can always make the MM smaller with the ties. The MM seems like the best size for most purposes. the GM looked HUUGE in person, IMO.