Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. Goodness what a beautiful color for a Hamilton :heart:
  2. I carried my Large Hamilton in Navy with Silver hardware today. I've had this bag for awhile but today was the first time I carried it. I am in love! It's the perfect professional tote for me. Now I want 10 more unfortunately!
  3. My Ocean Blue with GHW

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  4. Thanks SO Much! I carried it into the Coach outlet and all of the SAs went crazy over it! It is SO pretty IRL!;)
  5. I LOVE this bag! However I only see it for sale without the long strap. Is this a limited edition? I have one sitting in my cart on bloomies.com with 20% off today for friends & family. I would wait if I knew where to the one with long strap. TIA for your feedback!
  6. Dillards has the one with the longer strap.
  7. N/S Woven Hamilton in Mocha. Some of you may recall I had the Luggage Woven Hamilton, but something about the color just didn't do it for me (I prefer the color of my smooth leather Luggage Hamilton). I tried to use the bag, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm very happy with the Mocha!!!
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  8. @TiffanyS88 Thanks so much! Headed over to the Dillard's site now. :smile:
  9. This is absolutely gorgeous :drool:
  10. WOW......I love this Chocolate woven Hamilton! SO GORGEOUS, congrats!;)
  11. Congrats! Gorgeous bag!
  12. Layton in aqua

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  13. LOVE this colour!!!
  14. CFB, I have been lusting after the E/W Hamilton Woven Satchel in Mocha. That's such a pretty color. Also, the gold hardware really sets off this color. You're right to say that certain bags look better in certain colors/finishes.
  15. I love my MICHAEL Michael Kors Grayson Monogram Medium Satchel with extra strap.
    Available in brown, black and vanilla.
    It's sold at Macy's and Nordstrom.

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