Which MK are you carrying today?

  1. i don't own any mk bags, but i always carry my mk wallet!
  2. Hi....pretty new to MK..usually Coachies! But am liking dome of the MK bags laty. I like your satchel and wanted to know if the double handles can fit comfortably over the shoulder? Thanks in advance!
  3. Small Hamilton in luggage today.
  4. I want a Hamilton so bad! I had the opportunity to buy on at 60% off at a department store but I missed out because it was a snakeskin like bag...not what I really wanted for spring.
  5. Sorry for posting this but I just registered and was not allow to open my own new thread. I just really need some suggestions to make my decision on these two bags!
    I'm considering buying a Kors Large Hamilton Grommet in black and gold or a Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Hillier Hobo in black or blue. I actually have already bought the Hamilton but are not sure if I want to keep it. The return period ends soon so I really have to decide. Any suggestions? If you were me, which one would you pick?
    Many thanks!
  6. I am partial to the Hamilton style! ;)
  7. My python Sloane satchel. I love it so much, but I think I'm going to have to let it rest a bit since the handle sealant on one side is starting to peel. :crybaby:
  8. I wasn't carrying this, but I did a stalk-shot :biggrin:
  9. image-3046007842.jpg
  10. I carried my Grey Addison Large Shoulder Tote.

  11. That's beautiful :love:
  12. How long have you had this bag? Are you loving it?

  13. Is this bag easy to carry? I have thought about this bag rather then spend the $$ for a azur speedy... just wondering how the handles feel.. ?

  14. I'm carrying my first (and only) MK today and for many days to come. I just got her yesterday and the leather is so soft! It was on sale which is why I splurged a bit and got it. My dad would kill me if he knew how much I just spent on it! lol
    Anyway, here she is. Please excuse the crappy phone photo.