Which MK are you carrying today?

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  1. Love what you did with your bag! I did the same I use a scarf to tie it being that it's an open tote
  2. Thanks! Mine is only tied on 1 handle, but maybe tying it at both is a good idea to close it a little. Thanks for the tip ;)
  3. [​IMG]
    My black Hamilton with gold hardware. Love the size of this bag and the leather is so.. so.. soft.
  4. I've used my Crosby Satchel a lot lately... nice and large so I can carry all my stuff back and forth to work in.[​IMG]
  5. My luggage Hamilton with gold hardware!
  6. My new Gansevoort tote:

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  7. Newbie to the MK boards, as I've spent the last many years in the LV, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and Hermes boards, but last week I caught my first glance of a Michael Kors large N/S black leather Hamilton Tote and I was smitten! Yes, my first thought was "Whose Birkin is that?" I usually don't like copies -- in fact, I dislike the entire MK signature canvas line because it is too LV-wanna-be for me. (Hope that doesn't offend anyone :shame:.)

    After spending h-o-u-r-s scouring TPF and the rest of the internet for all the info & reviews I could find, I made a quick trip after work yesterday to my local MK store. I was 90% positive I was going to grab that bag with silver hardware, maybe 1% wondering if I should go for black with gold hardware and 9% wondering if I should go for a brown croco/luggage/other color. But when I walked into the store, what was the very first Hamilton I saw? The black with ROSE GOLD hardware! Well, I just couldn't take it off my shoulder. I was a little disappointed at first that there was no wallet to match it exactly, but I bought the matching wallet in black with silver hardware and it really looks excellent. (Maybe even sharper than if there had been an exact.)

    So, that's the bag I'm carrying today -- and hopefully for quite a happy, long time!
  8. Im carrying my braided grommet today!!

  9. My Gansevoort again:

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  10. Still rocking my Hamilton in luggage with gold hardware!
  11. This! I may change into another bag soon, though!
  12. I am carrying my large Hamilton in Luggage witn the silver hardware. I just switched out of the large Mamilton in Black with the silver hardware. These bags are gorgeous!!!!
  13. Large Grayson Satchel in denim! :love:

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  14. Here's my jet set tote in vanilla at school just now

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  15. i really like your bag! it looks like the perfect school/travel bag.
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