Which MJ would YOU give up?

  1. Thinking of letting one of my bags go... so I can add a new one to my collection. But can't decide which to part with! Here's the list of what I have:

    Black LE Stella (no way I am letting this one go)
    White Stella (love this one, too)
    Chili Hudson (gorgeous, but wondering if I'm out of love with it)
    Silver Venetia (but metallics are so in for Spring, but I rarely carry it)
    Black Diane (love this one, especially for travel)
    Cola Ursula tote (good business travel bag)
    Cola Ursula hobo (just got this... definitely a keeper... need a small bag)

    Thoughts, everyone? UGH it's so hard to think of parting with one! Next question is, based on the list above... what bag and in what color would be a good choice to round out my current collection? Can't wait to hear your feedback!
  2. Do you have picts?
  3. Sounds like you love your hudson the least. You could probably get a good resale on this one too...maybe? Let us know what you decide!
  4. I'd probably part with the Cola Tote because you already have something in Cola and most of your bags are this kind of shape..
  5. metallic venetia
  6. I'd get rid of the metallic Venetia too, not sure of how well it'd be on the resale, though... Probably the Hudson would be the best money maker?
  7. metalilic venetia..can always get another of these in another color down the road. second hudson... and then you can get two bags...:smile: maggie
  8. I agree with the metallic venetia. You can always get a bag in a metallic color later and I'm just not feeling that color on the venetia.
  9. I agree on the metallic, esp if you don't use it often... doesn't matter if it'll be hot for spring if it's not a bag you like to use!
  10. I would say the metallic Venetia.

    In my opinion, that purse is so much nicer in a non-metallic color.
  11. From your post, Silver Venetia and Chili Hudson are the top 2 to-go choices. If you are no longer in love with Hudson, then let it go. If you don't see yourself using Silver Venetia, giver her up as well.

    It's said that metallic and patent styles are trendy, but they are back every season (for the past few years at least). If you love & use your Silver Venetia, that wouldn't be an issue; the downside of metallic bags is they rub off over time no matter what brand it is. I bought and plan on getting more patent leather bags, I love mine. =)

    Let us know what you decide.

  12. From my experience, I, too, am moving out some of my bags to make room for newer purchases, and must let go of some MJ's,-- the Venetia is usually a good seller, it is one of the classics, and I agree with the posts above, the metallic can be replaced. If you no longer love the Hudson, maybe it's time for it to go also........decisions!!
  13. Love the Chili Hudson and Diane - I would hang on to those for sure!!!

    Good luck with your decision!!!
  14. Okay, so despite the fact that I love it, sounds as though I'll be letting the metallic Venetia go. Just can't decide about the Hudson. It is SO gorgeous, and every time I carry it, I get compliments. But that's just it... with a newborn in tow, I carry it rarely (as in, only when he's not with me... which is rare) and it won't fit comfortably over my shoulder. Might need to be sedated to sell it, however... as letting that one go might sting! So here's another question... how do those of you who let bags go decide what you'll sell them for? Mine are always in mint condition (you'd swear they've never been carried). What's the best way to determine how to price them? A certain percentage off retail, random price of choice? Curious to hear how everyone decides. (Chili Hudson is staring at me from across the room... she knows something is up!)
  15. oops... not too familiar with all on ur list, so i can't help u :p

    maybe you can post the pics?