Which MJ would you be?


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Dec 4, 2007
I just stole this idea from the Glass Slipper Forum;).

Which MJ would you be? What bag be represents your personality? If you are not sure, maybe you could describe yourself and we could help match you up:biggrin:.

Anyone want to try?

I'm still trying to figure out what I would be. . .

Lets see, I'm stubborn, creative, quirky in my likes and dislikes, pretty "unique looking"(read: not a standard beauty:P), quiet, shy, impulsive. I'm SUPER picky about things like clothes, accessories, food, drink, music . . .

Hmmmm, I'll keep thinking, but in the meantime:

Which MJ would you be?:heart:
Sep 22, 2006
Such a cute idea :smile: Hmmmm..... Well, I consider my style to be Sexy/Conservative or "Traditional with a Twist" I guess you could say. I would probably be a Plum Kid....not to mention it's my favorite bag. ;) IMO the Stam design is so iconic/classy....the quilting, the leather and the hardware are TDF. And The Kid possesses all that style in petite frame....that comes in the most amazing shade of purple imaginable. It's just enough to give it a bit of an edge...without going overboard. (Can you tell I love her?!:love:)


Jul 3, 2008
What a cute idea for a thread:smile: Hmmm...gonna have to think about this...Any ideas? Me in a nutshell: I'm completely goofy and love to laugh, extremely loyal, pretty set in my ways, have a major lazy streak, love the finer things in life, have trouble making up my mind b/c I'm really picky. I'm petite but I can have a pretty big personality at times, fairly classic but with an edge - suburban soccer mom with tats and a love of alt and classic rock. Have a nerdy bookworm side, too. Love my family and friends more than life itself but need my alone time. Okay, this is turning into one of those annoying "all about me" posts. What do you girls think? I do know I'm not a ZC b/c I'm sooo not organized! Can't wait to read everyone else's posts!! So fun!

ETA: I'm actually finding it easier to think of what bags OTHER PFers would be than myself! I have a mental list going...


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Sep 26, 2008
hmm.. i'm fun n quirky, complicated, traditional with my values, weird sense of humor, bookworm side, i know what i want, likes pop, classical, r&b.. i like to stand out, or rather go against the grain.. opinionated n stubborn... thats all i can think of.. like still waters..

my small cecilia maybe.. the quilting suggests theres more to me than when u first see me, fuschia coz its a bright fun color that gets noticed.. its a twist of the classic stam in a way.. has a frame but is unstructured.. soft.. i duno..
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Aug 2, 2007
Hmm... this is a tough one. Someone put a bag to me! PM you said you're good at this, right? :biggrin:

I'm not organized and I'm quiet and reserved in public.

I usually go with the flow, pretty laid back. I keep my opinions to myself (bags being the exception) but I have MANY, and i try to fly under the radar... low key I suppose! More of a listener than a talker, but can definitely do the latter if the subject is interesting enough...

so I guess the main points are laid back and low key.

Hmm... an unstructured, one compartment bag that is not loud and in your face...



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Mar 8, 2008
The bag I relate to most is my rosen....it's edgy but soft. Pretty but tough. Fun and unexpected, but practical in a off-beat way.

PM-I would say you are a lot like your spring street...Soft, pretty, sweet, but with an edge. Can carry a lot on your shoulder :smile:, classy but not too stiff. Fun without being in your face obnoxious..!!


Jul 3, 2008
Here are my pics for a few other PFers - could totally be off base but IMO:
Jun - Black Paloma Stones Bag
Baglover - Cherry Red Klein
Shop2drop - Bordeaux Blake
Iluvemybags - Teal Quilted Stam
Roomommy - Teal Kate
Tadpole - Shark Grey Carter
Spacey - Black Mika
Thithi - Dark Grey Rosen
Ginger - Hot Pink Alligator Sophia (was it a Sophia??)
Goldenflower - Plum Pleated Stam
I:heart:MJ - Chili Zip Bowler
Dawn - Wine Stella
Matchka - Bordeaux Cammie, of course!
Gotta go eat dinner, but I'll be back...this is too much fun...


Jeeze Louise
Aug 30, 2007
I am small, practical, bold, comfortable casual or smart, distinctive and easy on the eye: I am therefore


(People who know me might translate that as me being a short, bossy, plain looking show off :P)


Jul 3, 2008
Izznit - Hmmm...Mercer MP perhaps? In great taste but not something that screams, "Look at me!!"
Baglover - I totally think your Rosen is YOU to a tee, too, for exactly the reasons you described - for some reason I thought of the Klein b/c it's pretty and has a bit of spunk to it but at the same time is a classic and elegant bag. And thank you for the kind words:shame:

You crack me up, Glynis!!