which MJ styles get copied???

  1. thanks for links bag.lover, these will come in handy.
  2. Ugh. Let's not give these folks free advertising.
  3. These sites are terrifying. There are bags I never would have suspected as fakes. I agree that it's no good to give them free advertising, but it's immensely helpful to see which styles are being faked and what the fakes look like. I use iOffer now, but having these under my belt will help out a lot.
  4. This is pretty shocking, I didn't know some of these bags were being faked.
  5. Wow...that's terrible.
  6. Wow, I didn't know that the hobo style was being copied! Yuck!
  7. ^me either! and the Polina's a good copy too, everything except for the white serial tag. Ugh!
  8. bump
  9. I keep myself up to date with what fakes are out by checking out the ioffer thread at tFS.
  10. I bought a MJ bag from a girl who swears she bought from Saks BH ,a stella: I called them (Saks BH )and asked about the zippers. She told me there were no marks, front or back, only Marc Jacobs. Is this possible.
    Anyone from BH to check it out. Maybe she misunderstood? I'm confused!!!