which MJ for my first?

  1. I have decided that it is time. I am needing to get a MJ handbag.
    Just curious as to which one you lovely ladies would recommend for my first.
    there are so many beautiful styles. i like hand held with shoulder option. versatile.timeless.
  2. perhaps the blake or a stam? those are classics...
  3. Hi Doulous,

    How big of a bag do you want? Small, Medium, or Large?
    Any color preference?
    Would weigh (of the bag) be a concern?
    How much are you looking to spend?


  4. a medium bag. definitely a neutral color and not too heavy. i am trying to stay below $1000.
  5. i actually like the stam, but the first ones that were released.the leather was sooooo pretty.
  6. Multipocket is quite popular among members here, Jill & Coachwife love theirs. =) There's an authentic Multipocket (11x9x5) in Black on ebay, what do you think?
  7. I have the Multipocket (large) in denim leather with gold hardware, and it's a bit heavy but I love it. It is my first MJ bag.
    Denim MJ no flash.jpg
  8. How about a blake? It's under 1g and I think it is something you can wear for years. I love the stam, but I think it's out of your price range unless you get a baby stam.
  9. Is it still possible to find the multipocket hobo? I haven't really seen it online anywhere.
  10. thanks i will take a look at it.
  11. what a pretty color. is it heavier than the paddington?
  12. Janos, I purchased mine through the MJ boutique in San Diego (or was it San Francisco? One of those!)...it is a classic and a staple of the line, so they usually have it, but the colors change.

    Doulos, it is not heavier than the Paddington. I am used to carrying Balenciaga, so it was heavier than that...but then everything is!
  13. can you wear the blake over the shoulder?
  14. Yup. =)
  15. :lol: . and of course, we are needing to carry so much more in our bags. by the time we are done packing we can use the bag for exercise. tone up while carrying your bag.