Which MJ could this be?!

  1. Hello everyone~

    Does anyone know what model this bag is and which season/year it's from?

    CIMG1394.JPG CIMG1395.JPG
  2. According to list of sale items during Boston MJ's 70% off sale, this bag was listed under Resort 2006 Womens Collection Accessories.
    This style (and its entire line) wasn't very popular, I can't remember exactly the style/collection name. I think it's from SIXTIES COLLECTION line. I will have to look at the picture in the pdf file (stored on another computer so can't confirm now) to be sure.
  3. Thanks bag.lover! I looked at the pdf and it was listed as "satchel."

    I had never even seen the line until recently at a boutique. Considering it with the steep discount.... :Push:
  4. ^ never seen that bag before..BUT in all honesty..Im not loving it.....
  5. (Confirmed data)
    This style, Satchel (15"x5.5"x10"), is from Spring 2006 Collection. Satchel was made under 2 different lines: ABELYN & SIXTIES. Both are made of leather, Abelyn doesn't have contrast colors like Sixties (ie. Milk and Fog, Natural and Black, Milk and Lobster, etc).

    Under ABELYN Collection, the Style number is C361100 (regularly $1250).
    Under SIXTIES Collection, the Style number is C361067 (regularly $1500).
  6. Same here. =)
    I don't like Military, Gabardine, Abelyn, Sixties lines from Spring 2006.
  7. True..... compared to the latest designs this one IS a bit plain...
  8. I kinda like it! In that hip, sixties Mod sort of way...
  9. i agree! it is a unique looking bag and structured unlike the many bags nowadays. it also has a "expensive" look to it too.
  10. It really depends on your style, go for it if you like it. =)
    It's too sporty looking for me b/c I live in heels & dresses/skirts. LOL...