Which MJ bag looks best in red?

  1. Just saw the segment on the Today show yesterday (still on their web site, if anyone cares to watch) saying that RED is the big thing in bags for Fall. What does everyone think? Do you agree? And which MJ bag looks best (and is available!) in red?
  2. Interesting...I think certain shades of red are really great. I have a MJ Stella bag in "Wine" that I love. It's a deep shade of red with light pink stitching....very cute.
  3. I have the Sophia in Pomegranate (red) and I love it! I still get a ton of compliments after all these years.
  4. My fav red MJ bag was the Adina or the Drummed Leather Satchel from last year. Both were available in a color called True Red. I stalked them both and finally ended up with the Satchel.

    Next season I promptly fell in love and had to have the Lobster Bowler. I'm overflowing in red!
  5. What about the Guinevere?
  6. i totally agree abt the red drummed satchel and lobster bowler. Those 2 are to-die-for!
  7. I like Serena's multi-pocket in Ferrari red!
  8. Pics, please! :smile: Has the Blake ever been made in red?
  9. The Blake was done in Ferrari Red which is a bright orange red. I'm not sure if it was done in any of the other red shades.
  10. Blake also came in brick red. A very neutral and versatile color.
  11. I forgot about that one. If you like browned down reds, that one is fantastic. LOVE the brick! :love:
  12. I have a Stella in pomegranate red with contrasting chocolate brown stitching and brown twill lining. I love it!
  13. Post pics of the Drummed. I have the blake in Ferrari Red but it is not orange red but a bright red.
  14. I love the Drummed Leather satchel in true red. Its so pretty. Pomegranate was one of my fav. reds that MJ put out

  15. :shocked: I love it!!! Must seeeeeeee....:shocked: