Which MJ bag do you use the most?

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  1. Out of all the MJ bags you all own which do you find yourself using the most?:tup:and why?
  2. chestnut hudson; that seems to be my general response to all these who what when where questions ;) although my bordeaux blake should be arriving tomorrow, and i plan on using that bag all winter.
  3. ^ i get my bordeaux zip clutch tomorrow too. :smile:

    for me, it depends on the week. last week, i was using my chestnut striping bowler non-stop. for the past few days, i've been carrying my grey mix quilted tote.
  4. how cute would it be if our bodeaux accessories were shipped in the same delivery? yours is going to nyc and mine long island, but im sure they ran into each other. hah im so shot, only i'd think of things like that! :roflmfao: cant wait to see pictures! and im still waiting for modeling pictures of that grey mix quilted tote!!
  5. My standard answer as well....Quilted Blake or Quilted Elise. I pretty much swap between the two.
  6. I'd definitely have to say one of my MPs. They are the perfect size for all my stuff. It also fits comfortably on my shoulder and go with everything!

    In second place would be quilted Elise...and that's just cuz I LOVE it!! :smile:
  7. Hmm...well since I now own 6 venetias and just 1 lonely blake, I'd have to say venetia! In my opinion it's the perfect everyday bag.
  8. Hudson because it's a shoulder bag
  9. 6 Venetias?! Holy Moly!:nuts: I don't feel bad for having that many Blakes now! :P
  10. I don't have that many styles in my collection yet, but of the three I own, I love my Alfred the most.
  11. My quilted stam hobo. I have received 5 compliments on it in the past week.
  12. Wow, what colors?? I love my lonely venetia!!:okay:
  13. My Sap Green Venetia. I love the bag, it's a great size, and the color goes with most of my wardrobe.

    I just my Stone Heidi today, and I think I'll be using it a lot too.
  14. LOL, yeah, I'm venetia crazy!! I have Cherry Blossom, Kelly Green, Maroon, Spearmint (I think), a tan one that has magenta suede lining (I think when it was authenticated thithi said it looked like Washed Rose to her, but IRL it looks a little light to be that? But I'm not sure!) and a gold quilted one on the way! Yes, I know . . . I have a problem!!! :upsidedown:
  15. Okay so here's a pic of my obsession . . . hopefully I'll get the quilted one this week. :love: