Which MJ bag: black Lola or fuschia Blake?

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  1. i vote for the blake! so cute!
  2. I like the Blake, but there are lots of fake Blake bags on eBay, so be sure to pay attention to all the details before purchasing...
  3. Welcome!

    Blake for sure!
  4. Yep me too! The Blake!!
  5. Blake for me!! Great color! Welcome to the forum!
  6. when did the Lola come out? I've never seen it before

    i vote for Blake! very roomy with 3 compartments. YES! for neat freaks like me who like to organize
  7. I think the Lola came out in late 2003.

    And, I love the Blake. The color is superb!
  8. BLAKE--definitely. I have one and I LOVE it. It's actually the one bag I'd buy in multiples...
  9. Hi all,

    I got the fuschia Blake; love the bag and the color! :love: Got it from an eBay seller. The bag is definitely authentic, but I can't help but feel a little upset.

    The Blake did not come with a dust bag, but the pics didn't show a dust bag and therefore I should not have assumed there was one. I could've asked the seller first about a dust bag. However, seller stated the bag came from a department store, but it really came from that store's outlet. Seller also failed to include a pic that had markings (written price) in the inside pocket. :evil: The seller also paid less than the price I paid him. While I realize that the seller was being entrepreneurial, my thrifty side is annoyed that I if I had gone to the outlet I would've paid the price he paid. Sorry if this sounds weird, but just had to vent. Good thing I really like the bag...
  10. I hope it doesn't make you love the bag less.... WHERE is a MJ OUTLET???!? I sooooo need to go!
  11. The bag came from a Neiman Marcus outlet. No, I definitely don't love the bag less.
  12. Blake!