Which Miu Miu should I get?

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  1. Popped by the only Miu Miu boutique in my country today, and got my eyes set on a new patent lambskin Miu Miu, with gold fittings. Does anyone got a better recommendation on a nice black bag, I already have a Boktier, Gucci and YSL muse in black. Would the patent Miu Miu be too seasonal?
  2. I think black patent is more of an A/W type of material, than S/S. :yes: But, if you love it, you should get it.

    There's really no point in buying a bag you like less, just because it's less seasonal, if you won't use it. :shrugs:

    Alternatively, you could wait until after Christmas and see if there's something less seasonal, that you like as much? :biggrin:
  3. honestly, i feel that patent is kinda like all year round chic.
    you can definitely wear your patent miu miu with a summer dress and strappy heels in S/S...also, i'm sure you can wear it with your coat and boots during A/W!