Which Miu Miu coffer did you buy?


Which Miu Miu coffer did you purchase?

  1. Black leather

  2. Brown leather

  3. Suede

  4. Don't like it/returned it

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  1. Just curious since there has been so much talk about the Miu Miu coffer, I was wondering what everyone bought/decided about it. I bought the black leather one mainly because I live in black clothes. I loved how soft the suede was, but I just didn't have enough brown to go with it.

    Cliffene, thank you SO much for your photos! I tried it on with my down coat and it fit perfectly!
  2. i bought the brown suede- just got it a couple days ago- I love it!!!! :smile: :smile: :smile:
  3. I didn't buy one but LOVE the brown suede one.
  4. I purchased the brown suede coffer a few months ago and It's one of my favorite bags!! :love::heart: I think the coffer looks best in suede. :shame:
  5. i havent got one yet, but i saw brown leather yesterday and i loved it, so it is next on my list!:smile:
  6. Im dying to get one..SNIFF...and CANT FIND ONE...WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!
  7. hi jill i think i saw some on bergdorf and Saks' website!
  8. ^ they arent available yet..Thanks...I think it says delivery is DECEMBER!!LOL!
  9. we have two here at holt renfrew. just sitting there.. one black and one brown.
    Im in the US...so stinks..LOL
  11. i just read another thread and realized the miu miu i saw today are NOT coffers! they look like it but they aren't the same- no front pockets and not gathered alot. flat. beautiful leather yes! but not a coffer. i don't know the name and i think audrey knows these too.
  12. I purchased the black leather one.
    Like the result of this poll, it was either that or the brown one...a really close fight.
  13. I think I got the last brown leather coffer in the NY city! I remember the Saks & Bergdorf sites sayin' they wouldn't have it until December. I went over to Bergdorf's n' got on the list for the brown leather one n' got a call the next day sayin' they had it, but it was the black one...and it was gorgeous, but my heart was set on the brown. Called the Miu Miu boutique in SoHo n' they'd just sold their last brown leather one but said there was one at the Madison Avenue boutique. Went there the next day n' got it. There was a tag on it with my name and the name of another girl. I guess it was just a matter of who got to it first. I LOVE my bag and I'd still like to put photos up. But when I try, it asks me for the URL for my photos. I'm having some trouble with that. But, I'm not gonna give up. My coffer will be yesterday's news and I'll still be tryin' to get these pix up, lol.