which miu miu boutiques ship internationally?

  1. hihi,

    anyone knows which miu miu boutiques ship internationally?

  2. I think they all do! I had mine shipped from London!
  3. thanks awong10! my 1st miu miu bag will be shipped from London as well! i can't wait!! :happydance:
  4. What did you get?? Please post pics!
  5. i got a miu miu bow satchel in nude. i really love the color. :love:
    will post pics when i received it.
  6. how much you pay for that?? what is the website to order?
  7. She had it shipped from the Miu Miu boutique in London. You'll have to call them, no website!
  8. hey sailormoon,

    yep, i got mine from miu miu london. i think i got the last one (in nude color) at selfridges miu miu. you can try calling them to check if there are any new shipments. good luck! ;)
  9. Do you get refunds from vat when ordering from london? also, how much is shipping?
    I want a pink bow satchel in large, wondering how much it would be.... thanks!