Which Mini Pochette Should I Buy?

  1. Ok, so I want to buy my first Louis Vuitton piece.
    I'm 16 years old and I've been waiting for soooo long, and I have my own job now so it's finally time!!!:yahoo:
    I was going to get a cles, but I already have a Marc Jacobs key and change holder so that is not practical.
    I think the mini pochette is perfect for just running out of the house or going out at night.
    My dilemma is...WHAT COLOR DO I GET??:push:
    Why is everything so fabulous?
    Should I get...
    Trunks and Bags
    Damier canvas
    or Damier azur?

    I am afraid that the azur would get dirty...

    thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. I have the azur mini pochette and I love it! I take out to the bar, to the movies and to work and it hasn't gotten dirty at all. Of course I keep it on me and don't let it sit on a dirty table and chair. But it's so beautiful. Get it!
  3. I suggest you get the monogram or trunks and bag :yes:
  4. Here's is my mini pochette::love:
    azur mini pochette.jpg
  5. get the MONO TRUNK. it is hot. I missed my chance cuz I just bought the mono right before the Trunk came out. Now i'll just wait 'til 2 months later.
  6. How long have you have it? I was gonna get it too because I have the Azur speedy but I was afraid it's gonna get dirty so I went for the Mono instead.
  7. I think you should get the Trunks & Bags. :tup:
  8. monogram, or trunks and bags
  9. Damier in either color! thats my next purcahse as well, I love the little chain.
  10. same as you frostedbetty - I love the chain!
    plus it's perfect for my day to day needs because all I really carry is my camera and my marc jacobs key holder thingy.
    Thanks for your input
    I am going to go tommorow to my local LV store to see them in person, then I'll make my decision..
  11. Trunks & Bags.
  12. I have the Azur and the Trunks and Bags. I'd get the Trunks and Bags since it's an LE.
  13. go for the azur!
  14. Mono Trunks&Bags. It's mono, but still a little different :smile:
  15. T&B!!!! It's so fancy for going out!