Which Mini Borough?

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  1. I am having the hardest time deciding which mini borough to buy- the oxblood or the bar stripe leather (the one with the grey base and black and white stripes). Which color do you think is more versatile? I hate having to pay full price, but I am in love with this bag and would like to add one to my collection.
  2. i have the bar stripe mini borough and the oxblood urbane crossbody bag (the small one) and if you are basing your decision soley on versatility, so far I have worn the oxblood urbane more times than the bar stripe borough. I think the bar stripe will be a goto bag for me over the summer though, but I have plans to continue using the oxblood as well. I know I could wear the oxblood year round, I'm sure not everyone would do this though, but I don't generally do "seasonal" bags, the only reason I have not worn the bar stripe borough is because I think it will look better in nicer weather if that makes any sense, also the pebbled leather of the oxblood seemingly can take more abuse, so I have no reservations about wearing it often.

    It's kind of a toss up for me. I bought the oxblood first and if I only wanted a bag I knew i could wear all of the time, this would be it, it easily goes with a lot in my wardrobe and feels so chic to wear. However, I loooove the black and white (and grey and tan and gold) of the bar stripe and know it will be a great pop to an outfit, but for me it's probably not one I would use daily, mainly for fear I would somehow ruin it. Sorry that's not much of a clear cut decision, I was lucky I bought both or I would still be going back and forth on it!
  3. You can probably squeeze a little more into the pebbled leather mini borough. The striped one would be fun if you wore a lot of solids or simple patterns. I ended up with the colorblock, which to me is more versatile than the striped, but not as fun.

    Personally I would wear the oxblood more than the striped, because it is not as memorable. But I would have gotten the striped if they did not come out with the colorblock.
  4. Thank you for the privilege of spending your money. :smile:

    I would purchase the oxblood. I personally think it's a prettier bag. I like the striped but there are too many colors (neutral though they all are) that just kind of throws that one for me. Not sure how easy it would be to pick an outfit for it. I agree with the above that you would have to be a solid color outfit kind of girl for that one. Hope that helps and you may now have your wallet back. ;)
  5. I have both, and if I was forced to pick one it would be the oxblood. However, they're very different and I love them both - the bar stripe one just gets less use as it's harder to match with outfits, as others have said.
  6. Thank you for all of the suggestions. You ladies have brought up some very good points! I actually had a chance to look at both in the store over the weekend, and I keep going back and forth. It was weird because I noticed in the store that the striped mini borough was actually a little smaller if that makes sense. It was shorter lengthwise. I preferred the size of the mini oxblood because it was a little longer. Also, the strap on the striped one was about one inch shorter. That one actually hung better on me than the oxblood because I am on the shorter side. I found the differences odd since they are the same bag, but maybe they altered the size of the bag and the strap for the new boroughs.

    I like the oxblood because it is a unique color, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to wear it in the summer because it is a more fall/wintery color. Also, it doesn't look the best with my winter coat right now because my coat is a greyish blue color. I am a matchy, matchy person :smile:.
  7. I think oxblood is a year round color though it is dark in my humble opinion. I think it would be just gorgeous with summer white. Whichever you pick, you'll have a lovely bag!
  8. The funny thing with the oxblood is that I never gave it a second look online because I don't wear a lot of red. In person though, I almost think it takes on a purplish hue. It is gorgeous!
  9. Another vote for the oxblood. It's such a gorgeous color and I think it would be more versatile than the stripe.