Which Michael kors watch?

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  1. IMG_0690.jpg IMG_0691.jpg

    I think I know which I prefer. But curious on others thoughts . Thanks!
  2. Wow! Such fun watches! I would pick the first one, it would be really hard to tell the time on the other one
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  3. I was thinking the same thing!
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  4. Fun watches but, to me, the first one would be easier to tell the time with. I have a tough time reading watches with a pavé face.
  5. IMG_0707.jpg

    One more to add to the mix!
  6. I like my MK mini emery watch. I've had it for a few years now with no issues.
  7. I prefer no3, the first two look very similar to some that Juicy Couture did!
  8. I really like this one!
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