Which Mia Maggie??

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  1. Hey girls!

    I JUST bought the Kristin Pleated Satchel in brown, but when i was picking it up in the store i fell in love with the new Mia maggie. I've justified in my mind purchasing it even though i just got the Kristin, but i can't decide between these two! Help!!

    Mia Op Art Sateen Maggie

    Mia Signature Outline Maggie
  2. Outline. I like the original C's better.
  3. I don't know why, but I like the 2nd one better...maybe because the siggy print is more subtle (at least in that pic).

    Enjoy whichever one you choose, OP!
  4. Mia Signature Outline Maggie - with the Classic "C's" lovely...
  5. I prefer the classic "C" in the 2nd picture. I also like how they've made it subtle.
  6. I like the outline of the second one too.I think it's special.
  7. I also would go with the outline. It is different and I really think it is beautiful!
  8. I like the signature outline...still says "Coach" but I think it looks prettier! :smile:
  9. I prefer the outline too. There's something about it. They are both great though.
  10. OOOHH I love that sig outline maggie!

  11. this is my pick also
  12. Mia Signature Outline Maggie!
  13. I say the outline Maggie :smile:
  14. I like the outline maggie,its just all around prettier:smile:
  15. Love the Mia Maggie Outline!