Which Mia Maggie? Ocean Teal or Cranberry

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  1. Ocean teal leather or Cranberry patent Mia Maggie?

    I have a rose patent Zoe, raspberry op art hailey, and a pearl zoe. The rest of my bags are black, gunmetal alexandra (might not keep her) and gray. I need some color so which one should I get?

    My DH said Ocean Teal would look great with my eyes. I am truly torn betwen the two. To be honest, the interior color may be the deciding factor!
  2. Cranberry patent Mia Maggie
  3. I think some teal would be a nice addition, so the Teal Maggie gets my vote.
  4. Just based on the colors, it sounds as though you already have purses in the cranberry family, so I say Ocean Teal! Gosh, that color even sounds good.....
  5. Ocean teal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Sometimes it's nice to go with what our DH likes on us too. :smile:
  6. Does anyone know what color the interior lining is on the Ocean teal?
  7. I agree, plus he's paying for it!!

    But seriously, I think it's so sweet that he has an opinion and that he thinks it looks nice with your eyes - that had to make you melt a little bit. :love:

    Go with what he thinks looks nice, I'm sure he'll appreciate it. And it looks like a gorgeous color, and you aren't leaning heavily towards one or the other. If you were that would be different - I'd say go with your gut. But this time I say go with your guy. :biggrin:
  9. Go with the Teal! I looks beautiful in the DD....love the silver hardware. Do you know if this will be in the new floorset?
  10. I love bags in the teal family(if that makes sense) I vote for teal!!!
  11. Teal it is! I called my FP store and they have one in the back I can look at but it isn't available till Friday I think she said.

  12. YAY!!! WHOOT!! I'm happy for you!! Can't wait for your reveal!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I see I'm a little late to cast my vote for the teal, OP -- I think it will be a standout bag...can hardly wait for the reveal. :woohoo:
  14. Can someone post a DD pic? I can't seem to get it to work.