Which messenger-style bag? Help pls!

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  1. Hi all

    I am thinking of getting a messenger-style bag for my hols (handsfree for sightseeing etc, since I will hopefully be carrying a pared-down lot of stuff - purse, camera, small sunscreen, blackberry, iPhone). So far I am considering:

    1. Mitzy tote (either Blueberry patent or leopard - http://www.selfridges.com/en/Accessories/Mitzy-tote_217-82025479-HH7333672/ )
    2. Mitzy messenger (Blueberry patent, or a similar bright colour)
    3. Drew messenger (Blueberry non-patent)
    4. Daria satchel (not sure what summer-y colour I might be able to find!)

    Which would you choose?

    I am drawn to the leopard/patent finishes, but I honestly don't know how hardy the regular Drew leather would be. There seems to be a fair bit of Blueberry at the outlets - do you think this is a good holiday colour, or should I play it safe, pay full price (gulp) and get the Mitzy Leopard Tote?

    All opinions most welcome - I leave in a week and have left it very late to get organised!! TIA :flowers:
  2. Do you think you could call the airport if you are flying and see if they have the mitzy leopard tote there, and save a little bit of money on a full price one ;)
  3. ^^ Good idea, C-B, I will call them (but I doubt they could hold it for me if they do have it!) - is the leopard current season? Mulberry.com don't have it, so I did wonder if Selfs had some of last season's stock.

    Would your pick be the Mitzy Tote? :graucho:
  4. More musings - I saw a pic of a past season Mitzy tote in turquoise (pebbled leather I think) and that would be IDEAL, but my chances of tracking one down and having it delivered this week are slim to none! My reservations centre around the crinkled patent leather since I haven't seen it IRL and am a bit worried I might not like it or (dare I say it - pls correct me if I'm wrong) it might look a bit cheap for a Mulberry bag?
  5. Yep out of all the choices I think mitzy is such a great versatile and easy to use bag :nod:
  6. Mulberry at Heathrow will reserve bags for you if you phone in advance. Both T3 and T5 have done it for me.
  7. Thanks Blue! I will certainly call them.... My DH thinks I'm a bit insane to want to get to the airport so early. I keep telling him it's because you can't tell how long security will take, etc - but really it's so I can browse the shops without rushing!! :nuts:
  8. Bluecat, how much savings you normally get if youre buying from the airport? Ill be leaving for Thailand this November and Im contemplating on buying a bag at heathrow
  9. got the answer now. 17.5% discount. :smile:
    good luck in finding your new bag, Littlemissbags!
  10. The oak leopard Mitzy tote is only not available in Mulberry standalone stores. John Lewis are stockists though.... welwyn garden city had 3 last week. I was tempted by this, but the teeny tiny handles put me off. I'm not really a crook of the arm bag carrying kinda girl.
    The Mitzy range is a good choice though, hardy, practical and more modestly priced! :P