Which Messenger/Convertible Bags Are You Loving Right Now?

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  1. Share your discoveries!

    I'll admit that I've always been a messenger/convertible bag girl at heart. It seems that this style is getting more attention lately, and I'd love to see which styles are your favorite. I'm particularly fond of satchel style/ flap messengers. You don't have to own them--just curious as to which ones have caught your eye.

    Here are a few of my recent favorites that I've seen:

    • DKNY Quilted Messenger in Gold Metallic and Black
    • Coach Hamptons Flap--this one sold out quickly
    • Marc by Marc Jacobs School Bag
    • Proenza Schouler PS1
    • Mulberry Alexa
    Do you know of any great styles that are under the radar or one particular bag that you just can't seem to switch out of?

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  2. Here are a couple more--the J Crew Brompton bag and the Fossil Heritage Messenger....

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  3. Am I the only one?:weird:
  4. I don't own any convertible bags,but I do have a few messenger bags/ crossbody bags. I like Tumi, Cole Haan, Radley, Coach,and some handmade leather ones.
  5. I really like Balenciaga, Mulberry and Joie for messengers. They have a wide range of color/hardware options and between the three it's a wide budget range. I love that J,Crew bag though, hmmmm.
  6. i like the Coach Hamptons Flap u've listed when i saw it online, especially in the deep green color :heart:. currently i only own 2 convertible style but i'm itching for more lol
  7. i love that you posted the MbMJ!! i love that one and the PS1 and Mulberry
  8. That J Crew bag is really gorgeous! It comes in a few different colors and it seems like the type of style that could be carried in just about every situation.
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    I love all of those styles. The PS1 remains one of my all time favorites but the price is just too dear for my comfort zone. Also love the Mulberry--I'm usually a brown bag girl but I really adore it in the black--it just suits that style so well. I also love the MBMJ--I wonder if the strap could be doubled up to use at a more traditional shoulder bag?
  10. That Hamptons flap just flew off the shelves, didn't it? I wish they'd make more in the Hamptons line--it reminds me of the classic high quality Coach leathers of long ago. I did hear a rumour that the Hamptons flap was coming out in Raisin, but not sure....curious as to what that would look like.

    I don't know what draws me to this particular silhouette and style but it is my favorite. I enjoy looking at hobos and satchels and find them wonderful but my true :heart::love: is definitely the messenger school satchel.
  11. Anyone else interested in the DKNY quilted messenger? Thoughts?
  12. I was going through the airport yesterday and saw girls carrying bags very similar to this Roots. It looked really nice in this rough color.

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  13. I love these bags. :drool:

    I'd rather have any of this than a dressy Chanel.

    TejasMama: Thanks so much for starting a thread to keep these beauties all in one place! :tup:
  14. Ooh, I love how this one looks! It's a little bit college, a little bit safari...definitely classic!:smile:
  15. I agree--Chanel is lovely but definitely not for me. I much prefer the freedom and ease that a beautifully constructed messenger or convertible bag provides. It just makes me think of someone who is traveling or out and about, and I love that sentiment. :smile: