Which Messenger Bag would you choose?

  1. Mom of 2, I really need to keep my hands free. I guess backpacks are out and messengers are in. I want something trendy. I'm trying to stay with it! Can anybody make some suggestions?? I would like to stay away from the bags with logos all over them.

  2. balenciaga messenger

    balenciaga day/hobo
  3. Hmmmm, maybe a Lacoste?
  4. OH!! or a leather coach! :tounge:
  5. I wouldn't call it trendy, but I just bought a Prada nylon messenger bag and I looove it!
  6. kate spade makes nice messenger bags. the nylon ones are nice but be careful- the strap of mine is a little rough and has messed up some of my shirts :sad:
  7. I like the Kooba Annie and also Lauren Merkin's Dylan


  8. How about this B Makowsky bag?

    B. Makowsky Delano Lamb Leather Cross Body Hobo > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags


    Not exactly trendy but I think these non-leather messenger bags are pretty and well-made:

    seabreezestudio (in the process of relocating, will do customisation):

    Lovely fabrics, excellent workmanship and Yukiko's a very nice lady to deal with:
    Etsy :: Small Messenger Bag - Vintage Flower power


    Another talented bagmaker is FierceKittenStudio:
    Etsy :: Minsc Messenger Purse - Purple Sakura Accent


    Angela Liu of SanFranciscoCrafts is one of the best bag makers on etsy, and will also customise messengers.

    An example of a bag that's already sold:
    Etsy :: DESIGN YOUR OWN - Large Messenger Bag

  9. i bought a Prada messenger too (in khaki green), just one small logo, affordable, durable, and classic
  10. I just bought this one from Prada resort 2007 and really love it! Very convenient and a bit more sophisticated than regular Prada line for messenger bags.
    Prada handbags and purses
  11. It's looking like Prada is the one for me... Bagfan, did you buy from the store with the link that you posted? They have a great selection.
  12. I love the chanel tweed messenger with the little camelia flower on it. Looks so cute and I love that style. On eBay.com there are several chanel messengers...
  13. Nope, got mine at Prada store in London...
  14. How about Dior Saddle or Street Chic? They have in messenger style. Dior Copacobana is also a messenger bag, but it has logo. Here's the pic of messenger saddle and street chic... Oh, this pic is pic of my whole diors - sorry don't have the pics for each of them alone (in the meantime)... the saddle messenger is the big brown (chocolate) one and the street chic is the one in dark brown colour - behind the purple bowler or next to the copacobana. Dior stores may still have them, or stores like NM etc or even Elux.

    Those Diors are daytime bags thou... good wear when I have to catch my 2 years old baby when she runs at the mall :smile:. Btw, are you looking for daytime or nite bag? For nite, chanel has some cute sling bags.
    My Diors 001.jpg