Which messenger bag should I get?

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Cream or black hillier hobo?

  1. Cream

  2. Black

  3. Neither- gold hardward ware is ugly/get a turnlock messenger instead!

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  1. I really like the Hiller hobo. But I'm having a hard time between getting a black or cream both with gold hardware.

    And don't MbMJ bags go on sale eventually? Should I just wait? Photos are below for reference.


  2. Ugh. Sorry about the typo in one of the choices.
  3. i like the cream better with gold hardware. but i like the black with silver hardware best!
  4. i think the gold hardware looks better with the cream.
    if you like it a lot... i don't think you should wait for the sales. the Dr. bags seem to go fast....
  5. Black one looks timeless:tup:
  6. i voted for the black. i love how black with gold hardware looks together.
  7. Oh choicesss. I love them both! I'm gonna get the cream one from Shopbop! I'll get another black bag from MJ, like a Blake or a Palais Royale pouch!

    Thanks everyone.
  8. Great I just saw the tan one at Shopbop. As if making this decision isn't hard enough haha. :confused1:
  9. Anyone got the tan one?
  10. i cant vote because i dont know! well i do think the cream looks better but id be scared of getting it dirty. since its long strapped, the blue from your jeans might rub off on it.

    someone posted like a brownish reddish purplish? one with like a pinkish reddish top.. leather thing. its really cute.

    okay found it.


    i love the reddish one.
  11. oh wait the wine colored one is larger. i would get it now because it seems that marc jacobs collection bags go for alot less than retail on eBay vs mbymj bags.
  12. I agree. And yeah the two-toned ones are huge!