Which messenger bag is the best.......

  1. My boyfriend's birthday and our anniversay are coming up, I would like to buy him a messenger bag, he is 5'10" and around 165lbs. Can I get some opinion on which style and line I should get for him please ;)
  2. Awww that's so sweet of you. How about the Taiga Dersou:yes: Vlad got one:graucho:
  3. I loveeeeee the Mono Bosphore Messanger GM, its gorgeoussss.
  4. Wow both are lovely ideas, the bosphore will not be too feminine right? :shame:
  5. I was madly in love with the Broadway, but when I tried it on IRL, I hated it. The buckles were annoying. I instead moved to the Melville. It's :heart:.

    That or a black Damier Geant Messager?
  6. Utah Messenger, I LOVE that bag.
  7. I dont think the Bosphore is a feminine bag at all. I love men in mono =]
  8. omg get the damier geant messenger! it's lightweight and superstrong.. in terre and black are gorgeous. :smile:
  9. i bought my boyfriend the Taiga Viktor in Slate/Black/Ardoise. it's a great bag and the leather is exquisite :love:!
  10. My new favorite is the Messenger Melville ($1,120):
    Messenger Melville $1,120.jpg
  11. My brother has the damier geant messenger bag in terre! IT FAULOUS! So nice! and super light and strong and very masculine and while it's not too showy it at least has louis vuitton paris stapmed on the bag! IMO its the nicest one available, next is the damier "Bastille" OOh and the antigua "Besace" but it's a little less practical (people say it's feminine I think its unisex). But defiitely the damier geant is the way to go. I'd say terre because the chocolate leather on the black only looks ok.

    P.S I forgot to add the the utah messenger, the one I think is the most practical and nicest is the wachita! GORGEOUS!
  12. I prefer my Manbags to be MANBAGS:roflmfao:, which means no damier, no mono canvas. Taiga is nice, as is Utah.
  13. i wanted a messenger for so long, but then i decided to do something a little different...and got a taiga beloukha, which is sorta a backpack but with a cross-body strap. i dont necessarily regret the purchase, but i do miss the ease of use of a typical messenger, being able to grab things out of it without taking it off.

    but i have gotten so many compliments on the uniqueness of the beloukha!

    messengers- i love the new melville, and i sorta always liked the damier geant compagnon (sorta kinda different).

    maybe i can find the funds for the melville?? haha
  14. i agree with the Damier Geante messengers...which is best though, the Citadin or the Compagnon??:confused1: i can't decide!!! i just love them both on guys!!!
  15. i like the melville, but the plastic buckles aren't working for me. :yucky: