which mens wallet??

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  1. I want to get my boyfriend a wallet for his birthday...he doesnt carry much...just a few cards and some cash. So i was wondering what everyone thought would be a good wallet....when we went in to get my agenda we looked around and saw some nice wallets...any input would be great!!!!

    i really like the Porte-Cartes....has anyone gotten this or know anyone with it...and if so do you like it!!!

    Thanks in advance!!!:yes:
  2. The smaller the wallet the better cos guys put it in their pocket, not in bags. Depending on how many credit cards he would like to carry, i like the "billfold with 6 credit card slots", only thing is it doesn't carry coins.
  3. yeah I like the simple billfold ones on guys. I gave my bf the mono business card holder because he only carries his ids/cards and cash. There's a slot for the ids and then another bigger slot to put cash.
  4. I have the porte-cartes simple in mono, and I love it, It was my first lv and it's perfect. 2 months ago GQ (or Details, don't remember which) had a whole article on "putting your wallet on a diet" and smaller card holders are suggested! The porte-cartes is so cool because it comes in so many fabrics too! I really want a damier one too!
  5. i dont like carrying coins, so i only get wallet with card slots.

    i also pick something small and compact, so i can easily put it inside my pocket (jeans especially)

    there are too many choices at LV, i guess it depends on how much you want to spend (coz that will limit the wallets based on the materials - taiga or just mono). then work your way from there.
  6. [​IMG] pic from Elux

    I'm thinking about getting this one for him but I don't know whether he will like it or not coz he's so fussy about his wallet as it'd be small and thin and many cc slots.
  7. damier business card holder !
    I fits half-folded bills in the big slot and ids/ccs in the two smaller slots.
    It's like 170 and very compact.

    I love it to pieces..!
  8. i got my bf the damier one.. billfold.. it cost like 350 +tax.. i thought it was the nicest one for a guy.
  9. I have the billfold with 10 cc slots and two side pockets for receipts etc., it's very roomy, but slightly bigger than the billfolds with 6 or 9 cc slots. It also has no transparent ID window, but I find that tacky anyways.

    Regarding the porte-cartes simple, I think that's a very impractical design for carrying banknotes, especially for larger ones& and if you have more than two.
  10. i suggest the billfold with 6 credit card slots too. that's what i'm getting my bf and i think it's simple and functional. only drawback is that there's no compartment for coins. (but i gave my bf a cles to hold his coins, haha).
  11. Just bought a pocket orgainzer in monogram, really nice item
  12. thanks so much!!!!! i really think i am leaning towards the Porte-Cartes in damier cause i really like how compact it is. He only carries like 3 or 4 credit cards and some cash so i think that will work good!!!
  13. Great Choice! Love it!:yes:
  14. Porte-Cartes.. can't go wrong!
  15. I suggest... No LV. Lol.
    1. Most guys don't fancy LV.
    2. His pals may make fun of him for carrying one.
    3. He wouldn't know how to maintain it well.
    4. He would prefer the latest PlayStation3 for the same price, or Nintendo Wii. And he can boast to his buds that his gal got him the latest gadget.

    Tongue-in-cheek, no offence!