Which mens print suits black attire best?

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  1. Which of these prints do you prefer to black? :smile:

    Monogram Macassar
    Damier Graphite
    Damier Cobalt

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  2. DG in my opinion. I like cobalt, but it's the more casual twist - I love it with jeans. I think mono really casual on women, but especially so on men.
  3. I think the black leather on Macassar makes it well with black. Just look at this picture.

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  4. I think Macassar and Graphite work really well.
  5. I agree that it looks nice but not businesslike at all- none of those boys even have on a collared shirt. I have worked in offices where that was part of the dress code - even on "casual Friday" men were allowed to where a polo shirt but under no circumstances could they go collarless (the humanity!) The one boy has on sneakers and skinny jeans - SNEAKERS. :biggrin:
  6. If it's the "formal" business look you think of, I think non of the prints above is ultimate. With a all black suit + tie in a business setting, the black Epi or Infini leather is probably the best.
  7. I totally agree with you - I always prefer leather, suit to no suit! I guess was going on your picture of the jacket and tie and classic shoes.
  8. Yeah, all black leather (especially Epi) is very classy, but I prefer canvas couse its more durable and scratch-free! I can threat the bags more rough, and dont worry about scratches all the time. The canvas is also more resistant to water, while the leather shouldn'tbe used in rainy weather at all..
  9. Graphite is great :smile:
  10. I like Graphite and black Epi for men, very sharp!
  11. Only me and Boyoverboard that like Macassar?