Which Men's Fragrances do you Like or Dislike?

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  1. Hey Ladies (and Gents),

    I was reading up on another forum *GASP* but it is called Base Notes after I was doing some reading up on Chanel's Bleu de Chanel after shave balm. I got a bit sidetracked with a thread there with a bunch of men saying why they 'hate' Bleu de Chanel. Not trying to be shady but the overall consensus is that they find the scent bland and uninspiring :shrug: (not a cologne expert so I have no idea how those men can smell so many different undertones, etc. all I can smell is when tasty food is nearby :biggrin:)

    Personally I love the scent and I have had a lot of female friends compliment me when I wear it, all but except for my mother who can't be in my general vicinity if I am wearing it or near her - she only likes it a day old with remnants of the scent that is left on my clothes.

    So I am wondering, just out of curiosity what men's fragrances (and I mean the ones that it is distinctive from a fashion house or a perfumery like Terre d'Hermes or Acqua di Parma, Sauvage (sp?) by Dior, etc.) do you ladies and gents like or dislike?

    I do know that each and every scent reacts differently on anybody's skin, but just in general.

    Feel free to discuss!!

    ps. I have been wearing Bleu de Chanel almost everyday for the past three years - its my favourite scent and I think it is time to broaden my horizons, a bit, so yeah!
  2. My husband first purchased bleu de Chanel in 2012 and it is his favorite too. He is showered with compliments. Who cars what people in line say. And it's all about body chemistry. I first noticed the scent on my French colleague. I think Bleu is a perfect men's fragrance.

    In addition, we have added APOM maison Francis kurkdjian homme and Chez Bond by Bond no 9. I love them both! APOM is wonderful.
  3. I'm a woman, but I like wearing mens' scents from time to time. My favorites are from Musgo Real. They make shaving products and colognes. The soaps and colognes are so beautifully scented, and for the quality they are not expensive at all. I discovered them in a shop that sells shaving products while my husband was browsing.
  4. I love love love La Martina Adios Pampamia. My Bf uses several different fragrances, but that's the one I love the most.
  5. I love Terre d'Hermes so much that I bought it for myself... and rebought when the first bottle was used up. I still don't care if it's marketed towards men.

    I also have Kenzo Homme Sports as I love the drydown. I also liked Antidote by Viktor & Rolf for some time.

    Other than that I think Cartier Declaration is also a men's fragrance that I like. And Malin+Goetz Dark Rum (though that one is unisex)
  6. I've been loving the male version of Versace Eros (the cologne, not the perfume) lately.

    But my all time favorite cologne is Asprey Purple Water. It just smells so wonderful. I've heard many many people remark that it's basically unisex, so I don't feel like I'm wearing a cologne.
  7. Currently my favs right now are Prada Luna Rossa, Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme, & Dior Sauvage.
  8. Ohhh thank you ladies and gents for all your suggestions! Definitely be looking into all of those soon!
  9. Bleu de Chanel is stunning as is Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men, but BDC is just the best one.
  10. My husband doesn't really wear cologne so I bought him "Activist" from Body Shop since it was inexpensive and as a first cologne for him. But I love Bleu and I wanted to get him that first. There really is no other smell as Bleu. I will buy him Bleu at the next chance I get, since he does wear Activist on special occasions.
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