which men's fragrance?

  1. Dh said " buy me an hermes fragrance" but the closest store is 2 hours from me, too far to go and sniff, boo hoo. can I have some recommendations please, would appreciate it.
  2. Terre D'Hermes !!!!
  3. i love from the Hermessence line the :poivre
    Very masculin, elegant and long-lasting!!!
  4. I agree...Terre D'Hermes is MAJOR! I've been using it since I got it!
  5. I love Terre D'Hermes as well, and I even use it on myself...
  6. yup -- me too! i'd get him that . . . and borrow it frequently. ;)

    ETA - they make a great after shave balm in this line that's terrific for after shaving legs.
  7. I like the Terre D'Hermes, but i love Equipage. :drool:

    It's a very spicy scent with a very strong note of leather. My husband has been wearing this since Christmas and I can't keep my face out of his neck. :graucho:
  8. I don't know anything about the men's stuff, but my brother asked for Terre d'Hermes for Christmas since he loves it. They had a gift set that was the same price as the fragrance bottle alone when I bought it, so it's probably a good time to get it now while they still have X'mas stock!
  9. You cant go wrong with Terre. Its dry and woody, and strangely endearing.
  10. Rocabar is one of my favorite men's cologne. However, it was a very strong scent. I don't really like Equipage or Bel Ami.
  11. Another vote for Terre D'Hermes! I bought this for my hubby some months ago. We BOTH loves it. So far he's loved my fragrance choices.
  12. thank you for the advice. perhaps I will try the terre first since it's seems the most popular, if he's not happy with that will try the equipage. happy new year everyone!
  13. Terre D'Hermes has a very special smell. I bought it for DH and he doesn't quite like it when he first smell it. It can last for a long time (at least 24 hrs). My DH sprayed it on his cardigan accidently and the smell lasted for 3 days on his cardigan.

    For a more 'acceptable' smell, Un Jardin is a good choice.
  14. I use the hermessence "brin de regalisse" and the parfum "terre d'hermès"