Which Men's Fragrance do you like...

  1. Not on your self but on your BF/Husband/SO. I just got Armani Code and Aqua di Gio for my husband at Costco. I do not know how they smell.... Will have to go to Sephora or Macy's to smell them!!
    I have always liked Christian Dior Farhenheit(spelling?) and Calvin Klein Eternity on my husband.;)
  2. L'eau D'issey pour homme by Issey Miyake!!!
    I wear the perfume version!:heart:
  3. Nautica Voyage! Wooo let me tell you when he has that on it makes me CrAzY for some reason!
  4. I love the mens origional Lacoste, Its my absolute fav!!
  5. My hubby used to use Aqua Di Gio, and I liked it a lot. He recently got Prada Pour Homme, and I like it better, it's got a nice clean, just showered smell, not too strong. What I like but he doesn't is Higher by Dior, and Swiss Army.
  6. I love Issey Miyake and Kenneth Cole Black on guys.
  7. Chanel Platinum
  8. I love anything by Armani. Good stuff.
  9. hanae mori! it's my FAVORITE! it's dh's signature scent and i am ALL OVER him when he wears it! :graucho:
  10. Armani Code
  11. I tried the new david beckman perfume and omg its great. Its such a great scent.
  12. Aqua Di Gio...smells great!
  13. Polo Blue :heart:
  14. My SO uses Chrome by Azzaro & I love the way it smells
  15. good life by davidoff.. kinda sweet but manly!