Which men's belt is more durable: Taiga, or Epi?

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  1. Thanks for reading this thread!

    I'm planning to buy a belt and was wondering to which one is more durable so it can last longer...my friends said that Epi leather is more durable but others say Taiga :confused1: Which one do u guys think is more durable?

    Thanks for helping! :yahoo:

    I have used monogram canvas and epi leather wallets before...and I'm also thinking of buying a Taiga wallet (6 credit card slot) too...so my question is, is the Taiga leather more durable than monogram canvas or epi leather? :Push:
  2. Taiga would be more durable than Epi.

    Epi tends to get wrinkles and will eventually peel on the edges and corners. Taiga seems to be more resistant to that from my experience.
  3. I agree, epi can scrachted not taiga
  4. Sorry to hijack your thread, but does the Taiga wallet you're getting fit in your pocket? I'm thinking of getting an LV wallet for my bf for our 2 years, and he always keeps his wallet in his pocket, so that's probably the #1 priority.

    Thanks! :smile:
  5. taiga is so durable.
  6. Thanks everyone!!! I'll be getting myself a Taiga belt and a Taiga wallet then ^^

    Heyya Peach!

    Yeah! the Taiga wallet would fit perfectly in my pocket cuz I used to use a monogram wallet with coin pocket (size: 4.1" 4.1") whereas the Taiga wallet (6 credit card slot) is at 4.4" x 3.7" (just littleee bit smaller in terms of width) Or a Taiga 9 credit card slots (4.3" x 3.5) would do too? I just realized the 6 credit card slot one has no back pocket behind the card slot...maybe I should get some other Taiga instead :idea:

    Hope this helped!:roflmfao:
  7. excellent choice! :yes:
  8. Hi guys,

    I m to purchase a belt for my brother as you said about epi is better so i'll try it.I hope it would be better.


    Henery Gale
    Men's Fashion Accessories
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