Which Men's Bag should I get?

  1. For casual city outing on weekends. I have to admit that there arent much choices for the tanner sex. I am aged 33 and medium built and 5 feet 10". What say you?

    I am thinking the Bastile, Broadway or Abessess. I have been thinking a lot but somehow find the bastile and abesses a bit on the young side for me, more student like. On the Damier Geant range, I somehow do not like the material, does not look like its worth that much, you know what I mean?!?

    Deluxeduck, you have practically all the bags there is (for men, that is). I would greatly appreciate your opinion on which you find above and in your collection your most favorite after much use. Would like a bag which I wont get tired of after a while and functional yet looking classy.

    Thanks guys. :smile:
  2. firstly can i say that i personally hate the design of the abesses, I used to just have a neutral felling for it until my friend kept pressuring me to buy it, this made me hate it cos he kept saying that it was my style and wouldnt date as much as the keepall (i know that doesnt make ense but he doesnt know much about lv and i guess he thought the keepall was a newer design?) I find it too simple just a plain piece of canvas? anyway its your choice.
    secondly i might add that i do not know personally but the buckles on the broadway do force the brown leather around them to buckle and waver as well therefore i personally wouldnt buy it for this reason, its your choice your choice.
  3. Forgot to mention that after that, the Keepall 50 and Keepall 55 in the Damier are great!!! The 55 has the shoulder strap, too.
  4. I love the design of both the Bastille and the Abbesses. The only thing I don't care for is the elastic closure. I don't know why LV went that route... I actually own the Abbesses and love it! Since I am telecommuting I allowed hubby to carry it so I could have his Voyage Document bag repaired. The bag looks great on him! By the way, he's over forty. Both of the aforementioned messenger styled bags are hot in my opinion. You can't go wrong with either. And the Keepall is just a classic. Good luck with your decision.
  5. Maybe I conveyed the wrong message earlier. I am looking for a bag when I go out to the city socializing with my friends not for travel purposes. I already have the Mono Keepall 55. I am afraid the Abessess look student like and cant quite find a perfect looking bag. I like the Carryall but that looks more like for travelling purposes. Help...
  6. The Damier Geant Compagnon is a nice bag.
  7. I considered the Compagnon before. It somehow looks "touristy" to me as these bag designs are mostly carried by foreign tourist to store their passports and wallets. I dont want to look like a visitor in my own country, u know what I mean. :smile:
  8. i heart the damier geant line on men

    looks very sexy!!
  9. Oh, I'm sorry! I guess I thought you were looking for something to take overnight into the city on weekends (since I love to do city weekends).

    Actually, I love the Abesses messenger -- don't think of a student bag at all. It's even on my wishlist! There's one on ebay for a $695 BIN, too! Bastile is also great.

    Can't wait to hear what you pick!
  10. i only have the Abbesses among the 3 you mentioned. and i think it's a very practical bag for Uni or work. almost every male LV fan i know has an Abbesses. but if you're thinking these bags are a bit too young for you, have you considered a bag from the Taiga collection? i have the Viktor and it's pretty much similar to the Abbesses. though it's more professional than "out socializing with friends" kinda bag. the best i can recommend would be something like the Mono Glace Bobby. it's relatively restrained, classy and compact. i tend to use my Bobby when i go out shopping the most. unfortunately Mono Glace is discontinued (major disappointment for me). but you might be lucky, there could be a few Bobbys floating around the boutiques still. others i can think of would be: Taiga Yaranga, Taiga Dimitri, Utah Sac Plat and Damier Olav MM. HTH :smile:
  11. Thanks for the tips but given you can have only 1 of the casual bags in your collection, which would it be?
  12. I have to say i adore both the fonzie and the steve from the glace line, they were one of my most favourate bags lv made i was close to buying one and then it was discontinued, i love the agendas as well.
  13. i like the vaslav and carryall alot... the carryall is a really great size....if you are looking for a og to go out u can take a look at the new bosphore line.... but i do have an abbesses and i use it for everything