Which McQueen Scarf Would You Get

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Which Skull scarf should I get?

  1. Purple with Grey Skulls

  2. Purple with Pink Skulls

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Purple with Pink Skulls

    Purple with Grey Skulls

    I cant decide!!!

    Keep in mind I wear mostly black, grey and white as well as jeans. I do add more colour in the summer but havnt gone shopping yet this year so dont know what I'll be wearing.
  2. i voted for the purple and grey. i would love to see it. may i ask where you are getting it from?
  3. Purple and gray, i love that one, post pictures after you get it please !
  4. Def. Purple/Grey
  5. purple/grey....
  6. Can I throw in a 3rd choice?

    How bout black with purple skulls?

    This really shouldnt be this hard but they're pricey lil buggers.
  7. Of the three options now, black and purple will look a bit dark, purple and pink is a bit more colourful (if that's what you're after) but purple and grey is a great combination that will complement most outfits!
  8. i like the blue 1 w/ black skulls
  9. My wardrobe colours are similiar to yours, so I would definitely pick the grey skulls over the pink. G'luck, and be sure to post pics when you've got it!
  10. purple with grey!!
  11. purple with grey!
  12. I think you'll get more wear out of purple and gray!
  13. Wow! Im glad you guys convinced me to go purple and grey! Thats the one that was my gut feeling. The purple and pink would have been a nice splash of colour but who am I kidding? whenever I get a colourful accessory I always end up selling/returning it!
  14. Great choice, SpecialK.:tup:
  15. I voted for Purple & Grey too! I have a small one that is purple skulls on a grey background...I love it! Glad you got the grey one!