Which McQueen box clutch?

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  1. I have been lusting after a McQueen box clutch for months (one with skull clasp) and have decided to treat myself. The only colours available are bright blue patent with embossed Union Jack, grey/silver mock croc, or black patent with knuckleduster. To be honest, I don't think I will be going for the knuckleduster as I prefer the single skull. What does everyone think? TIA.
  2. can you post a picture?
  3. 1. I prefer the blk pat knuckleduster to the skull.

    2. I like the full red/white/blue Union Jack (it's on the site - unless it just sold out)

    3. I like the blue with the flag
  4. oh those are cool:nuts: I agree with you that I like the single skull better...I really like the patent blue color
  5. I prefer the single skull too. I think there is a black satin single skull clutch on Saks when I last checked this morning. Good luck.
  6. i like the silver mock croc, but it looks like it's sold out on the NAP site? where would you get it from??
  7. I like the blue but don't think it would go with much. It's so "wow" I might get sick of it. I do like the silver mock crock - think it would go better with my wardrobe but a few people on blogs have been saying it looks cheap.
  8. I have just ordered the grey and the blue and will decide when they both arrive. Naling - I got the silver/grey from a department store.
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    I think either skull clutch would be nice.

    The grey/silver would be more neutral, but if you wear a lot of greys and blacks, anyway, I think the blue would be very cool. :yes:

    Personally, I'd go for the blue. :biggrin:

  10. Congrats. Let us know which one you keep.

  11. ^agree here
  12. love the knuckleduster, but unionjack rocks too:biggrin:
    not a fan of the croc embossed. . .
  13. Zappos couture has them as well. In different colors.