Which MC to Get?

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  1. I am looking at getting a MC speedy but do I get the white or the Black. I was leaning towards the black becuase I was thinking it woudln't get quite as dirty. The white would go with more outfits.

    Is it easy to just wipe the bag down and keep the white one clean, anyone know?

  2. I have the black and the body is perfect except for one flower starting to chip...I bought both at the same time and debated which one to keep. I have no regrets.
  3. I would buy the white MC Speedy. I don't think it will get that much dirty.
  4. I vote for white.
  5. I prefer the white one
  6. I like white better
  7. Black black black!
    It is verrrry stunning and it won't get dirty as easy as the white will!
    Congrats in advance :smile:
  8. I like black better.
  9. White - the vachetta looks way better when it gets darker on the white one. I have a white MC alma and it had a black mark on it when I got it but I took a magic eraser to it and it came off instantly, no problem whatsoever.
  10. Black!!
  11. Black:drool:
  12. Black, that is the one I have and I love it. I have decided that I do not really like the any white mc pieces, only the black.
  13. I love the white, so I bought it first. I prefer white, but I really the black as well.
  14. I like both personally, but if I had to choose I'd probably pick black because I'd be less worried about dirt.
  15. I personally own the white one, and love how the color POPS! You can wear it with anything, and as the bag 'ages' and the vachetta tans, it looks gorgeous! JMHO. Really, it is up to you.

    I've also never had a problem with it getting dirty.