Which MC Speedy is more versital White or Black?

  1. I did not like these bags at first but, they have grown on me after spending some time on this board. :nuts: Now I think I want one instead of a regular speedy. So which color would you pick and why? And can I get a good deal on Ebay without getting burned or just wait and get one at LV? TIA
  2. You can get a good deal on eBay - remember to post it here so that we can check it out for you. ;)

    I prefer the white, it's just so much more cheerful and fresh looking - and I don't think it's just a summer colour.
  3. I agree. The white is just so fresh!!
  4. totally agree - love it in white!!!
  5. I prefer the black MC Speedy, the colors stand out more and it looks a bit more formal.
  6. For me, I'm going with the black since I live in a country with very much snow and other "dirty things" in the winter time, plus I think the patina looks nicer on black bags. However, I do love the white MC stuff too, and I want that one day, but first I have to think of what's practical.
  7. Definitely black IMO.
  8. i love the white; i carry my white Trouville all year round :yes:. the black looks a bit fluorescent.
  9. I think the white is a tad prettier, but I chose the black so I can use it all year round. I know I wouldnt care to carry a white MC bag in the winter. That color wouldnt appeal to me in the winter, nor would it go with my winter wardrobe.
  10. I LOVE the white MC!

    For me personally, I only use Ebay as way to purchase discontinued items and since the MC Speedy is available in the stores, I would definitely purchase it there. To me the warranty and order history at LV (got my first VIP gift, whoo hoo!) out weighs the little amount of money that I would have saved.

    My vote is get it at the store.
  11. I think the white is better, the black doesnt pop out like it does. And it does go with everything. And if your worried about wearing it in the winter, you could get a vintage mono speedy on ebay cheap. All seasons covered!
  12. Hey michelle what did you get as a vip gift?
  13. I had this dilemma recently, and ended up going with the white. I love it! It goes with everything.
  14. White, white, white! To me it just looks 100 times cuter!
  15. The LV travel kit.