Which MC should i get ?


Which MC should i get ??

  1. Multicolore Shirley in white

  2. Multicolore Pochette Accessories in white

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  1. Hi gals, i m getting either one. Am in a dillemma !! Which one should i get ? Which one holds more things? Thanks ! :biggrin:
  2. Shirley, I think it is discontinued (866 told me this was true, but who knows with them LOL!)which makes it more special, plus I just adore the clutch style of that bag.
  3. I don't know which one holds more, but I think the pochette is so adorable with the little studs on it!
  4. Here's the pictures :smile:

  5. Irishpandabear, i think you're right! I can't seem to find it at the official Louis vuitton website ! I was wondering why too! Urghhh.
  6. i have both, but i prefer the Shirley. it can be used as a clutch and a shoulder bag; i use it as an evening bag
  7. Shirley is beautiful I love her to death but she doesn't hold much so it really depends on what you want it for
  8. I like the pochette way better!
  9. the shirley gets my vote. Its really cute.
  10. the shirley is cute!
  11. Multicolore Shirley in white
  12. i voted for the shirley!!~ i think it looks much more elegant than the pochette.
  13. oooh, I like 'em both ... but I think the shirley is sexier!
  14. Pochette!
  15. The pochette seems more practical, but the shape of the shirley is so unique.