Which MC Petit Noe...Black or White????

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  1. I have been lusting a bit for a Noe in black or white MC and cannot decide which one I like more.....which one tends to have more "issues" such as color transfer, etc?
    I really can't get them both for all you enablers out there! :P
  2. i dont know about color transfers but i LOVE the look of the white!!!

    exp since summer is coming up!
  3. Get the white! It's so classy!
  4. I love the Black MC petit noe! Get it!
  5. WHITE svp!
  6. I like both! But the white is more feminine, to suit the style.
  7. I like the white better, I saw it IRL on a girl a few days ago and wow:heart:
  8. White!
  9. get the white, its gorgeous.
  10. I LVOE how fresh the white looks! So you know my vote!
  11. Definitely White!
  12. I am so torn here...I want to say white...but the black is so sexy. I say black.
  13. I have one in black...
    It's pretty care free, I don't have to worry about getting it dirty too much.
  14. I have the black, it's a great bag to use.
  15. I like it in black.