Which MC bag is your favorite?

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Which is your favorite MC bag?

  1. Trouville

  2. Speedy 30

  3. Aurelia GM/MM

  4. Leonor

  5. Shirley

  6. Alma

  7. Lodge

  8. Other (please name the bag)

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. i've always really like the white MC line... i am just wondering which MC is your favorite and why? (white or black) and which one do you use the most often? :girlsigh:

    right now for me, i am torn between the white MC Trouville and Speedy 30... but i am also open to new suggestions... please help! :sneaky:
  2. i love the Trouville. i have it in white. it's such a feminine and fun bag, and i use it in summer AND winter

    i don't like the Speedy; it's too big for me and there's too much hardware going on
  3. Ah..I have both Speedies and pochettes, my mom has the Sologne and I have the Alma. But out of them all, I'd have to say the Alma..I love the shape and I can honestly say that when my SA took it out of the dustbag, it took my breath away. It was when the MC bags first came out and I'd NEVER seen anyone with it..it was (and still is) gorgeous.
  4. I love the Speedy 30 in white but it looks heavy... Plus for white, will it get dirty easily? :P :shame:
  5. I really love the speedy but I'm very curious about the petite noe.
  6. Definitely the white speedy, I love the boldness and brassiness of the gold hardware, I love the twist it gives such a classic bag. I love the fact that it can jazz up a plain outfit.
  7. I have the black Alma and the Lodge PM in white. Love both :love: ...the Lodge is the perfect cute little bag for shopping, etc. when you need your hands free.
  8. Gracie, all about the Gracie ! :biggrin:
  9. I have the speedy in black and I really love it!
  10. I have the alma & speedy. But, I'll choose the alma over speedy at anytime.
  11. Keepall and Theda
  12. The Audra is my current favorite but the noe is moving up on the list.
  13. TROUVILLE!I have one!:love: it doesn't fail to catch others attention because it's so cute and not as common as the speedy which I also see a lot of fakes around.:yucky:
  14. I love the black AUDRA
  15. I voted for Trouville, but i really really love Shirley too, it'is such a feminine bag!:tender: