Which MbyMJ should I choose?

  1. There are 3 MbyMJ bags that I'm considering as a school bag possibly work as well and I would like to get some feedback on that.

    MbyMJ TT Baby Bag

    MbyMJ Behati tote

    MbyMJ Softy Faridah
  2. I like the 3rd one because -

    It has a single strap VS double which will probably stay on the shoulder better, I like the outside pockets, and it's just a cute bag!
  3. I love the Behati!
    I really like the Lovely collection MbMJ bags in general!!
  4. the behati gets my vote, but the shoulder straps on the baby bag might be more comfortable.
  5. I love all three styles and they all seem fine for school/work, but I suppose I would prefer the Faridah since it has so many pockets for organizing stuff.
  6. Thanks for all your thought/comments! Seems to be a tie between the Behati tote and Softy Faridah for now. Oh, I definitely think the straps on the TT Baby bag seems to be more comfy too. Decisions, decisions..
  7. I think you know where my vote goes to :p But I think it depends what you are using it for - if you are looking for a bag to go to class with and put books, folders etc - I honestly think your best bet is the Behati or the Baby Bag. The baby bag is a very close second place to me.

    I think the Behati could be used as both school/work and play. Where the baby bag would probably only be for school/work and the last one only for play... just my opinion though ;)
  8. I voted for the Softy Faridah. That Poppy color is so amazing! :heart:
  9. Wow- I really like the red one...
    The only input I have is that I stumbled across the Softy before Christmas and HAD to have one... I got it and was really bummed about the size of it. THIS IS JUST MY OPINION... but it was alot bigger than I thought it would be (I had not seen it IRL) and I was looking to use it for everyday use and it was just too much. BEAU-tiful bag though! The leather reminded me of those wonderful bomber jackets from the 80s... so soft... Maybe I should have kept it just to cuddle with when I listen to my Foreigner and J. Geils Band CDs... ohhhh I remember those days like they were yesterday... Young - wild and innocent... :girlsigh:

    Anyway- I am all about the red bag. Just be sure you are aware of the size of it. If you have lots to take with you daily it would be the perfect bag.:yes:
  10. For a school/work bag, I would say the Behati or the TT baby bag. The faridah is a big bag, but the way it closes would diminish what you could actually put in it, IMO. It works as a big, throw everything in bag, but I think the Behati or TT baby bag would work better as a tote. Is the TT baby bag coming out in Poppy?
  11. I like the Behati :smile:
  12. Yes, of course your vote would go to the Behati! I want a bag that would work for both school and work ideally since I'm not going to be in school forever :rolleyes: But yes, definitely a bag that would be able to feed one or two books and a folder.

    I definitely LOVE the Poppy color but among the 3 bags the Softy Faridah is the only bag I haven't seen in person and haven't been able to find in the stores as yet. Not in Barneys, NM or Bloomies in DC. :sad: Anyway, its because I've heard that its a big bag that I thought it would work as an option. Forenfinal yeah, you should've kept the bag JUST SO you can cuddle it while listening to your CDs! :roflmfao:

    Unfortunately I don't think the TT baby bag is coming out in Poppy. It wasn't listed on MJ's site nor is it on any sites that are selling the bag. But thanks for the feedback on the opening of the Faridah. I didn't really think about that! :sweatdrop:

    I guess maybe if I see the Faridah IRL I'll be able to decide? :wondering Oh well, keep those comment/suggestions coming in!
  13. I could NOT find this thread earlier! Anyway, my vote goes to whichever bag has the softest, most comfortable shoulder strap. That was the reason I had to sell my MP - the rolled shoulder strap was murder on my neck/back when I had a lot of stuff in the bag (which I always did/do). The strap on my TT Faridah is so soft and padded and conforms to my shoulder perfectly - it's very comfortable to carry and I can put a lot into it.

    That said, I think the baby bag has the most comfortable strap, and it looks like it will have the best "structure" (for lack of a better word) for lots of books, notebooks, supplies, etc.

    I say baby! Are you thinking of it in a specific color? I saw it in mouse and it was TDF. I didn't realize it was a baby bag until my husband pointed it out - and I ended up with Farrah. But the bag is really beautiful, so soft and smooshy!
  14. The faridah makes a really good bag for school. It's really easy to organize everything and it's the softest bag ever. It really is a lot more manageable than the behati and looks better on the shoulder
  15. whatever you choose, stay away from the baby bag. i bought it from Shopbop sight unseen. it was so heavy and bulky, when i tried it on my shoulder started to hurt, (that's with nothing in the bag). i figured the reason it's so heavy is because of the thick leather, and thick plastic lining that was used to construct the bag. if you plan on using it for a school bag, it will kill your back within the week.

    just my two cents.