Which MBMJ style is better

  1. I'm debating between two older bags..




    the problem is i know how the top bag looks on a person & what it retailed for originally, but not the bottom one. i know the top one is bigger as well.. and although i know the dimensions of the bottom bag i've never seen a picture of someone wearing it or how much it originally cost.

    i think i like the top style better, but i'm having difficulty deciding. i also think i prefer both bags in black.. but if you have any pictures in any colors please post them!
  2. I like the one on the bottom more esp. since it has the extra zipper pocket on the outside. It's great so you don't have to dig in your bag for your cell phone, etc. But if you like the first one then go for it!
  3. i like the bottom one as well.
  4. Choice #2 also.
  5. Another vote for #2.
  6. My vote goes to #1.
  7. kmroboto, thanks so much for those pics. i think i will wait for the larger (1st bag). the pic is just a reference from someone else's collection. it's not on eBay currently (or i'd be hunting it down). hehe.