Which MBMJ "Rum" bag?

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    I'm in love with the new "Rum" color for MBMJ, but can't decide which to get! Lil Ukita, Hillier, Fran, or Too Hot to Handle?? I love that they all have short and long straps, and have gold hardware. I wish they had zipper closures though. I'm concerned about the second short Fran strap not staying on my shoulder? Anyone know about these bags and want to comment? Thanks!
  2. Too hot to handle is fab!!! I have it in black! The rum is lovely and on my wishlist!
  3. I would say the Fran! I have the Fran in chianti and hazelnut and they are my two favorite bags. I don't have any issue with the strap not staying on my shoulder. I've actually been contemplating a Fran in rum lately myself. Te brown and gold combo is gorgeous! :smile:
  4. I'd go with Fran as well...such a classic color on such a useful bag...
  5. I also love this color!!! I am debating over the too hot too handle in black or rum??? What do you think? Is the rum as versatile as black?
  6. I think you should go for the Fran. That will be my next purchase!
  7. I really like the too hot too handle, I have it in the jungle green and love it!
  8. Thanks all! Sorry I've been a bit of a hiatus recently. Is it just me or does the Too Hot To Handle look a bit like the YSL hobo? Since I made this post, I've started looking into the Marc Jacobs collection and am now also considering the Stam, Mini Stam, and Large Single...... Any recommendations on that also?
  9. YES, I totally thought that to myself as I was shopping for this bag online last year!!! I admired the YSL bag on Nordstrom's website so much, and I think that's why I decided to pull the trigger and buy my Cement Too Hot to Handle hobo at the time, since the YSL is completely out of my price range. I've used my bag several times, and 8-9 months later I still love it! I don't regret my purchase one bit :smile:
  10. Now that you mention it, the Too Hot does look like a YSL hobo, but in a good way! It seems like it would be a fun daytime bag. IMHO, the collection bags you named are really different than the hobo, but I love both the Stam and the Single. I am a sucker for the chunky chain and quilting! If you're set on the hobo style, MJ did make a Hobo Stam a while back ('06?) - I see then now and then on eBay/bonanza :smile:
  11. Oh yes I've seen some stam hobos, they're pretty! I think I am leaning towards the too hot to handle in rum now though. It is more reasonably priced I think! I have yet to buy a purse after months of debating Haha.
  12. Thanks for the input! Do you have any issues with color transfer, particularly with dark denim on your cement hobo?? I had a major problem with a vanilla Michael kors bag and want to avoid that possibility with any of my Marc Jacobs bags!
  13. Nope, no color transfer problem at all with my cement hobo :smile:. I always spray my bags with Cadillac leather protectant spray before I use them, so I think that might help...